Michael E. Arrington, MS, MFT Bio

Michael E. Arrington, MS, MFT is a current Educational Leadership and Social
Justice Doctoral Program student at the University of Redlands. He also is
founder and CEO of MEA Training and Program Development. 

Mr. Arrington is an author, activist, therapist, and behavior coach. Prior to joining the Rialto
Unified School District, he spent 16 with the Los Angeles County Probation
Department, where he created a unit for youth who suffer from mental health
issues and intellectually disabled youth.

A prolific and energizing speaker on a range of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics, Michael has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses around the world, many too audiences comprised of thousands. More than 750 professionals across a multitude of industries have been in his home for live virtual speeches and presentations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Arrington has testified twice to the United States House of Representatives and spoken at numerous colleges and universities.[left_sidebar]


D.E.I. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consulting

Michaels contributions have led to student successes. As of 2021 he has taken 112 high school students who lack of motivation, focus and credits to graduate, to incentivized and goal orientated students able to reach their academic potential. These 112 students are all set to graduate in the class of 2022. Eighty-one of the 112 students will be enrolled in community college and 4 directly to universities this fall. He also remains active in professional associations, frequently presenting research at the American Educational Research Association and the Critical Race Studies in Education Association. Michael also helped create a mental health unit for youth who were incarcerated in juvenile hall. This unit was designed to provide treatment to youth incarcerated that suffer from mental health issues, trauma, or suicidal ideations.