Educational Insights: Nurturing Growth through Correction not Punishment

 📚 **Educational Insights: Nurturing Growth through Correction, Not Punishment** 🌱

In the realm of education, the approach we take to correct behavior can have a profound impact on a student's learning journey. It's essential to discern between punishment and correction:

🔹 **Punishment** often focuses on retribution, seeking to assign blame for a misstep. While it may temporarily deter undesirable behavior, it may not address the root cause or equip the learner with skills to make better choices.

🔹 **Correction**, on the other hand, seeks to guide and teach. It's a proactive approach aimed at understanding the underlying reasons for behavior and providing tools for improvement. It empowers students to learn and grow from their experiences.

By choosing correction over punishment, we foster an environment where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for growth. Let's strive for classrooms that cultivate empathy, self-awareness, and a passion for learning.

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D.E.I. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consulting

Michaels contributions have led to student successes. As of 2021 he has taken 112 high school students who lack of motivation, focus and credits to graduate, to incentivized and goal orientated students able to reach their academic potential. These 112 students are all set to graduate in the class of 2022. Eighty-one of the 112 students will be enrolled in community college and 4 directly to universities this fall. He also remains active in professional associations, frequently presenting research at the American Educational Research Association and the Critical Race Studies in Education Association. Michael also helped create a mental health unit for youth who were incarcerated in juvenile hall. This unit was designed to provide treatment to youth incarcerated that suffer from mental health issues, trauma, or suicidal ideations.