Shifting Our Mindsets as Educators

By Michael Arrington MS, MFT

Doctoral Candidate 

📚 Shifting Our Mindset as Educators 🌟

In today's rapidly changing world, it's essential for us as educators to reflect on our expectations of students. The traditional belief that students should conform to a predetermined mold, both in behavior and academic progress, may not always be realistic.

👩‍🏫 Teachers often expect students to exhibit a particular level of maturity or focus at a certain age. But every student is unique, with varying backgrounds and learning styles. It's time to embrace this diversity and adapt our teaching approaches accordingly.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parents, too, carry certain expectations about how their children should behave at school. While discipline and respect are crucial, let's remember that the school experience today differs significantly from what it was in the past.

🌍 Our world is evolving, and so are our classrooms. We're preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist, using technology we didn't grow up with. Flexibility, adaptability, and critical thinking are the skills of the future, and they don't always fit into old molds.

🤝 As educators, we must collaborate with parents, adapt our teaching methods, and foster a growth mindset that values individuality and innovation. Let's encourage our students to be curious, creative, and resilient, recognizing that their journey may not always align with traditional expectations.

🚀 It's time to shift our mindset and embrace the changing landscape of education. Let's empower our students to reach their full potential, even if it means redefining what success looks like. Together, we can prepare them for a future full of endless possibilities. 💪 #EducationEvolution #StudentsFirst #AdaptAndThrive


D.E.I. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consulting

Michaels contributions have led to student successes. As of 2021 he has taken 112 high school students who lack of motivation, focus and credits to graduate, to incentivized and goal orientated students able to reach their academic potential. These 112 students are all set to graduate in the class of 2022. Eighty-one of the 112 students will be enrolled in community college and 4 directly to universities this fall. He also remains active in professional associations, frequently presenting research at the American Educational Research Association and the Critical Race Studies in Education Association. Michael also helped create a mental health unit for youth who were incarcerated in juvenile hall. This unit was designed to provide treatment to youth incarcerated that suffer from mental health issues, trauma, or suicidal ideations.